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Overweight woman has no suitors, wealthy father offers a dowry of 10,000 RMB per jin (0.5 kg)

Have you heard about one pound of meat for 10,000 yuan? On May 10th a user called “Tianya” registered with the QQ number 188595000 posted this question. How expensive! Full of curiosity the moderator asked, what kind of meat could be worth that much? Immediately “Tianya” posted a crying emoticon, saying: this meat is not some kind of exotic delicacy, it’s the flesh of my own fat body!
“Tianya” in real life is surnamed Shi and she lives in Shishi, Fujian. She is 23 years old and works in a government department. Miss Shi’s family is wealthy. Her father and older brothers are all businessmen. She is 1.6 meters tall and weighs approximately 150 jin (75 kg). Even though many people say she is fat, she has never had low self esteem. With her bright and cheerful disposition, she loves to tell jokes, and within her work unit people consider her a ray of sunshine. Wherever she goes, excitement and fun follows.
Miss Shi has two elder brothers and she is the youngest in the family. The whole family dotes on her, especially her mother, who everyday makes delicious food for her to eat. Over time, she’s steadily gained weight.
Seeing other girls her age out with their boyfriends, Miss Shi feels extremely lonely and all day complains that she needs to lose weight. Her family, however, disagrees and won’t let her, saying that for a girl to get fat is truly a blessing.
Last month, Miss Shi invited a few female coworkers over to her house to eat. One of her coworkers said that Miss Shi had very attractive facial features, and that if she were thinner, she would surely be very beautiful.
Miss Shi decided right then to lose weight, but she had not realized that her father would respond by smacking the table and saying “Forget losing weight! My daughter’s every jin is worth 10,000 yuan. Let’s see what man can properly feed my girl and when it’s time to get married, the more meat on her bones the bigger her dowry will be.”
The next day, Miss Shi’s father’s words had spread through her office. Miss Shi weighed 150 jin so her dowry would be worth 1.5 million yuan. Even her female coworkers were clamoring to marry her. Quickly, many male coworkers came to ask Miss Shi out on a date, but she wouldn’t think of it, and turned each one down. Before no one had ever found her a boyfriend, and nowadays all of her coworkers were so enthusiastic, everyday asking her what the criteria were for selecting a son-in-law for her parents.
“I believe it’s all because of my weight,” said Miss Shi. Before she was never so distrustful, but this one sentence from her father had changed everything.


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